The Climber is a living stuff doll who "lived" and worked in the amusement park called the Castle of Nations. He "climbed up" a metal pole in the center of a food court, using metal pulleys. When the mechanics rusted and broke, however, he was tied to an old wagon near the outskirts of the park, and left to rot. A young girl named Clarice, while wandering around the park, found him and helped him. He now never leaves her side.

Climber is addorned in, well, climbing gear. He carries a pickaxe with him, but he is not hostile. In fact, you will probably never encounter a kinder soul than that of the Climber.

Being a stuff doll, his vocabulary is rather limited; for example, since he "grew up" in an amusement park, he tends to exclaim "Ferris Wheel!" instead of "Cool!" or "Awesome!" He can seem very child-like at times, but it is only because he is a child, by human age standards: he has only been alive for about 5 years.

In the animations, he is voiced by IanKid.

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