Karl is a resin statue from an abandonned amusement park, once known as the Castle of Nations. The Castle, which can talk, granted life to every humanoid inanimate object within the park's walls.

Karl is from an area of the park known as Pirate's Island. However, if Karl is called a pirate, or hears the word pirate used near him, he will immediately search out the "culprit", and give them a good torturing session.

Little is known about Karl's past. What is known, however, is that he was taught how to play the violin by a human girl with red hair named Rachel, whom he loved. Nothing else is known besides the fact that Karl felt that she had betrayed him, and he killed her (based on fanfiction accounts, however speculation is accepted by the original author who left this topic open). This is believed to be where Karl gained his extreme hatred towards humans.

In the animations, Karl is voiced by Mr-Tea-and-Crumpets.

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