Moon and Starlight ver 2 0 by AnimeGal007

Mr. Jack

Mr. Jack is a calm and somewhat laid back statue. He is usually found on his "pet" skulls pile. He doesn't leave The Castle of Nations very often and isn't use to human interaction. He has a weird phobia of...Pirates? Although he isn't afraid of Karl as much as most pirates (probably because Karl claims that he is not a pirate and hates to be called one...). He is practically emotionless and motionless. Which means he doesn't fight very often. But when he does...he fights. He says that he doesn't like to use energy and has a hard time getting motivated. He has the ability to control his energy by concentrating really hard. When he does that he can cause an earthquake or something else of massive destruction (without even having to lift a finger). His appearance is a black coat and a black top hat with a grey ribbon with a sad face on it. On his coat a bow and clips (could be painted on). A piece of one of his sides (including the hat) is broken off showing stone and cracks from the injury. He has a pale face and depressed droopy tired eyes with little dirt marks on his cheek. His age is something no one can figure out.

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