Spoiler is a robot with a broadsword-like talking weapon called Riphook, of whom is his brother. Both were involved in some sort of car accident long ago, and the only way to be saved was to use a new soul-transfering technology developed by professor Kroe. Spoiler cannot recall before the operation, as much of his memory has been stored away in a memory chip inside his head, unable to be accessed by him. Some of his memories may have been planted, but this is unclear.

For some reason unknown, Inside him is also a persona called 'Black Ace', whom upon damage to Spoiler's head is released. When this happens, black nanobots erupt from the "vents" on various parts of Spoiler's body, covering him, and a black mask is formed over his face. This mask has half of a toothed grin and one glowing red eye, both on the left side of the face.

Black Ace is a ruthless killer, often using children's nursery rhymes and warping them to fit his own context. He is mentally unstable, and will often break into spontaneous fits during battle. He and Spoiler are in constant competition for control of the body, Black Ace usually being the victor and only freeing spoiler voluntarily on rare occasions.

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