General Description

Steffi is a young girl, aged 12 before the initial tournament, after entering it is noted that she is aged 13 years of age. An expert with mechanical devices, Steffi has a strong knowledge of engineering, as well as a firm grasp oof humor and sarcasm. Steffi is generally unable to establish certain links between herself and close friends at first glance, however her social skills with others excel as she can read opponents easily.

Social Steffi

In cannon it is apparent that Steffie's closest friend and companion is Benzene, also a engineering wiz. Though not apparent to Steffi, Benzene has intimate feelings towards Steffi, this is particularily evident when watching:

Law of Talos, Round 2, Karl vs. Steffi (link will bring you to DeviantArt)

when referrencing cannon until the final round of the OCT.

For more information on Steffi try the following link the Steffi's authors page: ShikakuSuika (link will again bring you to a DeviantArt page, where steffi was created)

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