The Chimbley Sweep Edit

The Chimbley Sweep (created by ConcentrationMoon) is a native Taitle resident and competitor of Law of Talos.An eleven-year old "chimbley sweep", Chimbley (his real name isn't confirmed, but he think's it's Nigel) is nimble, cranky and still smokes too damn much.He appeared previously in Endling's OCT Endzone.

He lasted four rounds before being beaten by Unknown-person's Karl.Interestingly, this is the second time Chimbley has lost to Unknown-persons characters(first being Climber) in his fourth round in an OCT. Chimbley's entries are known for their humorous,witty nature and Roald Dahl-grayscaled style, and for never portraying oppenents in character. Nevertheless, Chimbley has a sort of notorious respect among other Law of Talos contestants. For instance, Zeurel, creator of the murderous Black Ace, refrained from killing Chimbley off in his own second round entry, saying Chimbley was "too awesome".
Chimbley Sweep

Chimbley's LoT ref.

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