Logo of the tournament, created by =Sins-Of-Angels.

Law of Talos was a popular tournament story, set in a fictional steampunk world, depicted with flash animations and comic strips. The competitors were provided by their creators as part of an invite-only competition (only original characters could apply), with a provided story and background on the Tournament's public announcement page.

The Law of Talos (made by=Sins-Of-Angels) became popular on deviantART, with a host of original and interesting characters opposing one another in their attempt to be the last one standing.

Original Characters include (very incomplete list):

The Chimbley Sweep- very dirty (not figuratively), has a strong British accent, and fairly young. The Chimbley Sweep is pretty much as his name implies. 

Karl- an animated resin statue, it held little qualms on killing anyone (even if they were not really in his way). Created by Unknown-person. Entree comic.

Mizuno- male amphibious humanoid, young like many of the entrees. Not much information exists since his creator left deviantART and put all artwork into storage. Numerous fan-art pictures can be seen across deviantART pointing that he was a very popular character before the author’s departure. Created by Cirihtt. [no entree comic available, in storage]

Spoiler/Black Ace- the dual personality robot that has been seen in several tournaments made entree into Law of Talos. Created by Zeurel. Entree Comic.

Steffi Frohlich/Benzene